Park Lane Primary

Meet the Staff

Year Class Teacher(s)
Reception RR Mrs Roberts
RKM Mrs Key
Mrs Murdoch
Year 1 1M Mrs McCarthy
1K Mrs Keep
Year 2 2P Mrs Phillips
2G Miss Gunn
Year 3 3HC Miss Horne
3P Miss Pierro
Year 4 4SB Miss Smith
Mrs Brewerton
4P Mr Phillips
Year 5 5B Mrs Brinded
Miss Baker
5W Mr Woodhouse
Year 6  6W Ms Williams
6P Mr Peppard
Special Educational Needs Coordinator  Mrs E. Camilleri
Executive Head Nicola Brown
Head of Infants Rachel
Head of Juniors Rebecca Browne

 For a full list of all the teaching assistants, support and administration staff, please follow this link.....