Park Lane Primary

Phonics : Phase 3 Sounds

These are next set of sounds the children are taught : 

j v w x
y z / zz qu
ch sh th ng ai ee
igh oa oo / oo ar or ar
ur ow oi ear air ure


We teach the children ditties to help them remember the phonic sounds:

ng thing on a string
ai snail in the rain
ee what can you see
igh fly high
oa goat in a boat
oo  look at a book / poo at the zoo
ar start the car
ou shut the door
ur nurse with a purse
ow brown cow
oi spoil the boy
ear hear with your ear
air that's not fair
ure sure its pure
er better letter


Children are secure working within phase 3 when they:

  • Give the sound when shown all or most Phase 2 and Phase 3 graphemes
  • Find from a display all or most Phase 2 and 3 graphemes when given the sound
  • Blend and read CVC words consisting of Phase 2 and 3 graphemes
  • Segment and make a phonemically plausible attempt at spelling CVC words using Phase 2 and 3 graphemes