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Phonics : Phase 5 Sounds

How We Teach Phase 5 

How to Say the Phase 5 Sounds to Support at Home


Phase 5 teaches alternate spellings for already known sounds. Such as, they know /ai/ as in rain but now will learn /ay/ as in 'play', /a-e/ as in 'make' and /a/ as in paper. All of these make the same sound but are spelt differently. In phase 5, we grow the code of the originally taught sound top include other variations.


how to say the phase 5 sounds september 2022.pdf



Children are secure working within phase 5 when they can:

  • Give the sound when shown any grapheme that has been taught
  • Write the common graphemes for any given sound
  • Use phonic skill and knowledge as the prime approach to reading and spelling unfamiliar words, including those that are not completely decodable
  • Read and spell phonically decodable two-syllable and three-syllable words