Park Lane Primary

Useful Reading Websites / Smartphone Apps stories that support phase 3 and 5 phonic sounds lots of free games that will give your child opportunities to practise using their phonics to read and spell words and sentences. Covers all phonic phases taught. useful games and resources for all phonic phases taught. Resources can be printed and used at home to support your child. useful pronunciation guide as well as other handy hints and tips for parents. Also supports the idea of developing confident readers. lots of fun interactive games to support the phonics and reading. Covers all phases taught. Age appropriate options for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Covers: Phonics letters and sounds, Punctuation, Words and Spelling as well as Learn to Read Stories. – some great free phonics games. Other apps available at a cost of £2.99 for phones and tablets/ipads


Please let us know if you find any other good phonics or reading websites!