Park Lane Primary

Year 1

On this page you will find detailed information on the curriculum work being undertaken currently, in the school year 2021/2022 for Park Lane Primary School Year 1 classes. Weekly learning updates are posted in your child's Google Classroom.

These are working documents and will be reviewed and updated as necessary- 

Subject Document
Timetables and Overviews

General Weekly Timetable

 Yearly Overview 2021-22

 Weekly Timetable Term 5 and 6


 Autumn Term- Animals

 Autumn Term Science Knowledge Organiser- Animals

 Spring Term- Investigating States of Matter

 Summer Term- Knowledge Organiser- Plants

 Summer Term- Plants


 Autumn Term- Lives of Significant Figures

 Spring Term- Knowledge Organisers- Explorers

 Spring Term- Knowledge of the World

 Summer Term- How is Life Different to my Grandparents?


 Autumn Term- Hot and Cold Places Plan

 Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser- Hot and Cold

 Spring Term- Map and Atlas Skills- UK

 Spring Term- Knowledge Organiser- London

 Summer Term- Local Geography

Art and DT

 Autumn Term Art- Drawing Skills

 Autumn Term- DT Leavers and Mechanisms

 Spring Term Art- Printing

 Spring Term DT- Moving Parts

 Summer Term- Art- Pastel and Chalk- Drawing Skills

 Summer Term- DT- Fruit Salad and Sewing Skills


 Autumn Term- E-Safety

 Spring Term- Beebots and Programming

 Summer Term- Comic Creations

 Summer Term- Mouse and Keyboard Skills

 Summer Term- Text and Images


 Autumn Term- Dance

 Autumn Term- Run Throw Jump

 Autumn Term- Knowledge Organiser

Spring Term- Send and Return

 Spring Term- Gym

 Summer Term- Attack, Defend, Shoot!

 Summer Term- Hit, Catch, Run!


 Autumn Term- What Makes People Special?

 Spring Term- Religious Stories

 Summer Term- Judaism


 PSHE Overview- 2021-22


 Spring Term- Pulse and Rhythm 

 Music Progression Overview

 Summer Term- Music in the Groove

 Summer Term- Round and Round

MFL  MFL Progression Overview

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