Park Lane Primary

Year 3- 

On this page you will find detailed information on the curriculum work being undertaken currently, in the school year 2023/2024 for Park Lane Primary School Year 3 classes. Don't forget to check your child's Google Classroom for our weekly learning updates.

2023-2024- These are working documents and will be reviewed and updated as necessary- 

Subject Document

 Yearly Overview


 Autumn Term- Rocks and Fossils

 Autumn Term- Rocks Knowledge Organiser

 Autumn Term- Plants

 Spring Term- Animals Including Humans

 Spring Term- Animals Including Humans Knowledge Organiser


 Autumn Term- The Stone Age

 Spring Term- Early Civilisations

 Spring Term- Early Civilisations Knowledge Organiser


 Autumn Term- What Are the Geographical Regions of the UK?

 Autumn Term- UK Knowledge Organiser

 Spring Term- Settlements

 Spring Term- Settlements Knowledge Organiser

 Summer Term- Rivers

Art and DT

 Autumn Term- Art- Self Portraits- Picasso

 Autumn Term- DT- Structures

Spring Term- Art- Georgia O'Keeffe


 Autumn Term- E-Safety

 Autumn Term- 3D Design

 Spring Term- Branching Databases

 Spring Term- Story Boards


 Autumn Term- Basketball

 Autumn Term- Gymnastics

 Autumn Term- Football

 Spring Term- Badminton

 Spring Term- Hockey

 Spring Term- Dance

 Spring Term- Tag Rugby

 Summer Term- Athletics

 Summer Term- Cricket

 Summer Term- Handball

 Summer Term- Rounders


 Autumn Term- Diwali

 Autumn Term- Christianity

 Spring Term- Christianity- Easter

 Spring Term- Christianity- Miracles

 Spring Term- Christianity

 Summer Term- Christianity


Year 3 PSHE Yearly Overview

 Autumn Term- Keeping Safe Staying Safe

 Autumn Term- Keeping Safe Staying Safe- Medicine

 Autumn Term- Responsibilty- Helping Someone

 Spring Term- Stealing

 Spring Term- Anger

 Spring Term- Grief


 Autumn Term- How Does Music Bring Us Closer Together?

 Spring Term- Music


 Autumn Term - French - Getting Started

 Spring Term- Animals I Like and Don't Like

 Spring Term- Numbers to 15

 Summer Term- Picnics

 Summet Term- Aliens in France