Park Lane Primary

Year 5

On this page you will find detailed information on the curriculum work being undertaken currently, in the school year 2021/2022 for Park Lane Primary School Year 5 classes. 

These are working documents and will be reviewed and updated as necessary- 


Subject Document
Timetables and Overviews

General Weekly Timetable

 Yearly Overview 2021-22


 Autumn Term- Living Things and Habitats

 Spring Term- Earth and Space

 Spring Term- Knowledge Organiser

 Spring Term- Materials and Their Properties

 Summer Term- Forces


 Spring Term- Ancient Greeks

Summer Term- World War 1 and 2


 Autumn Term- Rivers

 Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser- Rivers

 Summer Term- World War 1 and 2

Art and DT

 Autumn Term Art- Monet

 Spring Term DT- Cams

Summer Term Art- Sculptures

Summer Term DT- Textiles


 Autumn Term- Data Handling

 Autumn Term- EBook Creator

 Spring Term Knowledge Organiser- App Design

 Spring Term Knowledge Organiser- Programming

Summer Term- Knowledge Organiser- Text Based Programming


 Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser- Basketball

 Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser- Football

 Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser- Hockey

 Spring Term- Dance

 Summer Term- Athletics

 Summer Term- Cricket

 Summer Term- Rounders


 Autumn Term- Sikhism

 Autumn Term- Christianity- Is the Christmas Story Real?

 Spring Term- Sikhism- Sikh Stories

 Spring Term- Christianity- Easter

 Summer Term- Commitment to God


 PSHE Overview- One Decision

 Autumn Term- A World Without Judgement Knowledge Organiser

 Autumn Term- World Without Judgement Plan

 Autumn Term- E Safety- Image Sharing

 Autumn Term- Knowledge Organiser- E Safety

 Autumn Term- Being Responsible and Looking After Each Other

 Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser- Being Responsible

 Spring Term- Feelings and Emotions- Anger

 Spring Term Knowledge Organiser- Anger

 Spring Term- Keeping Safe- Peer Pressure

 Spring Term Knowledge Organiser- Peer Pressure

 Spring Term- Keeping Safe- Smoking

 Spring Term Knowledge Organiser- Smoking

 Summer Term- Growing and Changing- Puberty

 Summer Term- Knowledge Organiser- Growing and Changing

 Summer Term- The Working World

 Summer Term- Knowledge Organiser- The Working World


 Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser- Living On A Prayer 

 Spring Term Knowledge Organiser- Make You Feel My Love

 Music Progression Overview

 Summer Term- Knowledge Organiser- Dancing in the Street


 MFL Progression Overview

 Autumn Term- French- On the way to school

 Summer Term- French- Food and Celebration

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