Park Lane Primary

Year 6- 

On this page you will find detailed information on the curriculum work being undertaken currently, in the school year 2023/2024 for Park Lane Primary School Year 6 classes. Weekly learning updates are posted in your child's Google Classroom.

2023-2024- These are working documents and will be reviewed and updated as necessary- 

Subject Document
Timetables and Overviews

 Yearly Overview


 Autumn Term- Evolution and Inheritance Plan

 Autumn Term- Evolution Knowledge Organiser

 Spring Term- Electricity

 Spring Term- Electricity Knowledge Organiser

 Summer Term- Animals Including Humans

 Summer Term- Animals Including Humans Knowledge Organiser


 Spring Term- The Maya

 Spring Term- The Maya Knowledge Organiser

 Summer Term- Windrush

 Summer Term- Windrush Knowledge Organiser


  Autumn Term- How Has Trade In Britain Changed Over Time?

  Autumn Term- Trade Knowledge Organiser

 Spring Term- How Has Trade Changed in Britain?

 Spring Term- Knowledge Organiser

 Summer Term- Why Do People Migrate?

 Summer Term- Migration Knowledge Organiser

Art and DT

 Autumn Term- Art- Tonal Drawing- Alberto Giacometti

 Spring Term- Art- Painting- Lucian Freud

 Spring Term- DT- Mechanisms

 Summer Term- Art- Sculpture

 Summer Term- Art- Sculpture Knowledge Organiser

 Summer Term- DT- Nutrition

 Summer Term- DT- Nutrition Knowledge Organiser


 Autumn Term- E-Safety

 Autumn Term- Computers Past and Present

 Autumn Term- Graphic Design

 Spring Term- Image Editing

 Spring Term- Web Design


 Autumn Term- Hockey

 Autumn Term- Basketball

 Autumn Term- Football

 Autumn Term- Handball

 Spring Term- Badminton

 Spring Term- Dance

 Spring Term- Gymnastics

 Spring Term- Tag Rugby

 Summer Term- Athletics

 Summer Term- Cricket

 Summer Term- Rounders

 Summer Term- OAA


 Autumn Term- How Muslims Show Commitment to God

 Autumn term- Christmas and Christianity

 Spring Term- Question: How did Jesus create a New Covenant and what does that mean to Christians today?

 Spring Term- What motivates Humanists to lead good lives?

 Summer Term- Christianity- Is Anything Ever Eternal?

 Summer Term- Humanism- Insprirational People


 Year 6 PSHE Yearly Overview

 Autumn Term- Keeping/Staying Safe- Alcohol

 Autumn Term- British Values

 Spring Term- Making Friends Online

 Spring Term- Stealing

 Summer Term- In App Purchases

 Summer Term- Puberty and Conception

 Summer Term- Water Safety


 Autumn Term- How Does Music Bring Us Together

 Spring Term- Creative Compositions

 Spring Term- Musical Styles Connect Us

 Summer Term- Farewell Tour


 Autumn Term- Everyday Life

 Spring Term- French Homes and Houses

 Spring Term- Investigating Sport

 Spring Term-My Favourite Things

 Summer Term- Cafe Culture

 Summer Term- Breakfast